What’s going on here?

To me, Australia has always been a place of mystery. When I think of the great down under I imagine kangaroos, koala bears, sharks, crocodiles, Nicole Kidman, you know, just the archetypal figures.

When I had to choose a country to study for my International Communications class at Flagler College, I instantly wanted to study Australia. At first, I thought I’d focus on popular forms of culture in the big metropolitan cities. I did a little research on the history of Australia’s settlement and government in order to gain some perspective on just what kind of country I was going to be dealing with. It all sounded a lot like my native country – the United States; settled by the British, ruled from a far. But it eventually gained some autonomy and became a constitutional monarchy. It kind of has the best of both worlds: awesome Brit-like accents and gorgeous beaches.

But once I learned about the glamorous side of Australia, I delved deeper into the struggle of its native tribes and their fight for rights among the rest of the white Australian population. I remembered a film that I saw in the theater a few years ago titled  Australia directed by an aptly Australian filmmaker, Baz Luhrmann. It may have been a big, glossy Hollywood production, but I’ll never forget how its story resonated with me and made me contemplate the position of the Aborigines throughout history. There’s a struggle going on now for them to gain the same rights as everyone else. They are the heart and soul of Australia’s land and need to be respected as equals, not lesser citizens just because of the color of their skin. The diversity of their tribes offer a wealth of history, culture and a meaning of life that contributes to the betterment of the world. The purpose of this blog is to showcase why this statement is true. So that’s what’s up.


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