A Culture of Song and Dance

This video I found of Aboriginal dances exhibits the essence of the culture of Australia’s native people. I was intrigued by this video in particular because of the caption that accompanies it.

“Australia’s Aboriginal people have no written language. The legends and the stories of their past have been kept alive in song and dance. This video contains two films that provide a beautiful and valuable record of Australian Aboriginal dance.” – written by the folks at Youtube’s iDIDJ Australia Didgeridoo Channel

No written language! In our world today, it is really difficult to try to imagine going the length of just one generation without being able to communicate through the written word, let alone centuries. Granted, as a people who are addicted to the internet, we are so linked through our written language that it would be virtually impossible to live without it. The Aborigines never had it to begin with, so their story is a little different.

Watching the dances the Aborigines use to communicate with each other is no doubt entertaining because everything about their people is very foreign to me. Their dress, their traditional face paint, etc. Watching this guy hop around like a kangaroo seems a little silly at first, but then after a few minutes worth of deeper consideration, I see him as a free, endearing person relying on his basic skills to communicate about animals, hunting, and, ultimately, his survival.

This video was filmed in Cape York which is a peninsula that juts out from the far North of Queensland, Australia. It is said to inhabit up to 5 communities of Aboriginal tribes and has some of the most untouched nature left in the world.


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